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Fiction Font Specimen
Formist Foundry

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Special printed edition of a Formist Foundry font specimen

This edition documents the Formist Fiction typeface in technical detail. Beautifully printed on lime green paper, the booklet includes character sets, expressive sample settings and enticing glyph enlargements. A must for type fans and professional designers. 

Fiction is a conceptual response to the ubiquity of the neutral sans. Mark Gowing originated the concept to automate a new typeface from the bones of 20th century typographic history. In order for Gowing to execute his concept, the basis of the typeface was created by interpolating the averaged centre line of the three mainstays of modernist sans-serif type: Akzidenz-Grotesk (Hermann Berthold, 1898), Helvetica (Max Miedinger, 1957) and Univers (Adrian Frutiger, 1957). The resulting centre line was then used as the spine of each glyph, with varying stroke widths applied to create the desired type weights.

The Fiction font is available to purchase at Formist Foundry.

40 Pages
210 × 297 mm
Design: Formist
2021 FE028

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