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Outside Material: Book and Poster Bundle

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Outside Material bundled with the Preservation Poster Set at one special price.


Outside Material: The Cover Art of Preservation Music
Evocative design that explores our personal relationship with music.

In 2001 friends Andrew Khedoori and Mark Gowing founded an independent record label with a singular aim: to provide like-minded listeners with good music and congruous design. Inevitably, Preservation Music’s groundbreaking packaging and cover art became essential to the label’s evolution, the course of which you can now trace in Outside Material.

As the work of multi-award-winning designer Mark Gowing, the Preservation artwork reflects his commitment to experimentation in typography, photography and graphic abstraction, all with an eye to effective communication. Whatever its printed design, every CD cover employs folded paper as package, offering the listener, or user, an intimate and tactile experience. Consequently, Outside Material’s image-drenched pages present music as something more than sound – these creations are material objects to see, hold and cherish.

Featuring an illuminating essay by music and arts writer Dan Rule, this lavishly produced volume showcases six years’ worth of thoughtful, music-inspired design. Printed on superior-grade paper, Outside Material presents actual-size reproductions of the label’s most distinctive CD covers alongside macro and micro details that further represent the intriguing artwork. An illustrated catalogue of Preservation releases completes the publication.

240 Pages
165 × 240 mm
Edition: 500
Essay: Dan Rule
Design: Mark Gowing at Formist Studio
Photgraphy: Jacob Ring
Typeset in Formist Kapitol (coming 2018)
ISBN: 978-0-9875268-2-3
2017 FE009


Preservation Poster Set
A set of nine original Preservation music posters

Design by Mark Gowing
Various sizes
2015 FE007
Edition: 35 sets

As one of the world’s leading experimental-music labels, Preservation Music is dedicated to releasing diverse artists and styles from the frontiers of sound. Needless to say, this commitment to representing the best of the avant-garde extends to the CDs’ promotional material, which always strikes the right note.

The Preservation posters are the work of award-winning designer Mark Gowing, who designed the posters to double as innovative packaging solutions for the label’s titles of 2006 to 2009. Since then, Preservation’s cover art and posters have garnered local and international acclaim and awards, including a coveted Golden Bee at the 2010 Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design. 

Featuring a variety of uncoated papers and special inks, these nine Preservation posters are now available, for the first time, as a collectable set. As highly sought-after pieces, they are fast becoming scarce, so let them be music to your eyes while you still can. 

Post: Post
Offset print
260 × 388 mm

Tom Carter and Robert Horton: Monsters of Felt
Offset print in metallic bronze and black
453 × 647 mm

Sun: I’ll Be the Same
Offset print in fluorescent orange and black
387 × 520 mm

Aaron Martin: River Water
Offset print
490 × 650 mm 

Richard Skelton: Marking Time
Offset print
650 × 910 mm

Oliver Mann: The Possum Wakes at Night
Offset print in red and black
420 × 594 mm

Pimmon: Smudge Another Yesterday
Offset print in brown and black
387 × 530 mm

Heather Woods Broderick: From the Ground
Offset print in metallic bronze, silver and fluorescent pink
387 × 520 mm

Aaron Martin: Chautauqua
Offset print in orange and black
650 × 910 mm