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Serous Font

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An interlocking display typeface that lends your message flow
Serous is a package set of all four weights; individual weights are unavailable.

OpenType format
Four-style package
Oldstyle figures, lining figures, limited accents
Design: Mark Gowing at Formist Studio
2015 FF001
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A geometric display typeface in four weights, Serous is the first release from designer Mark Gowing’s Formist Foundry. As its name suggests, Serous’s design aims to embody the look and feel of liquid. The word serous is an adjective that means ‘of, resembling or producing serum’ to describe similar substances. Accordingly, Serous’s characters communicate a rhythmic fluidity, especially when they connect as words and sentences or simply as shapes.

As a modular face of systematised design, Serous automatically generates form and structure. Gowing drew the characters on a geometric grid to ensure uniformity and compatibility. Free of right angles, Serous’s forms feature the same curve radius and stroke thickness, whatever the weight.

Serous is very distinctive at large display sizes. A hairline separates the characters and therefore defines the letter spacing. For the most dynamic effect, create settings in which the leading replicates the hairline of the kerning.

Serous is available as a package of four weights: Brook, Creek, Stream and River. Brook, the lightest weight, is most effective at small sizes because the hairline between characters is at its thickest. In contrast, River, the heaviest weight, is most effective at very large sizes because the hairline between characters is at its thinnest.