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Serous Font Specimen
Formist Foundry

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Special printed edition of a Formist Foundry font specimen

This edition documents the Formist Serous typeface in technical detail. Beautifully printed on Colorplan paper, the booklet includes character sets, sample settings and enticing glyph enlargements. A must for type fans and professional designers. 

Serous is a geometric display typeface consisting of four styles. As the naming indicates, Serous has been designed to embody the feeling of liquid. Letters and text are defined by rhythm and fluidity. The word serous comes from the Latin serõsus (from serum) and is defined as: resembling, or producing serum, referring to substances of a watery nature.

The Serous font is available to purchase at Formist Foundry.

20 Pages
210 × 297 mm
Design: Formist
2019 FE020

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