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Gemma Smith

$420.00 AUD

Gemma Smith signed limited edition in a Boulder-style multi-coloured acrylic slip case.

A luscious 176 page hardcover volume featuring work from throughout Smith’s career. Packaged in a Boulder-style multi-coloured acrylic slip case and signed by the artist, each limited edition slip case is a unique and original piece with its own colour spectrum. 

Produced to the highest standards, Found Ground is an immersive experience providing detailed insight into Smith’s works, and an extra special collectors item in this limited edition format. The volume also features special multicoloured pages with folded corners, presented in a unique folding hardcover.

An excerpt from the essay Painting, Pleasure, Perversity by Julie Ewington:
“Gemma Smith has hit her sweet spot. Her idiosyncratic embodiment of action through painting takes a perverse pleasure in colour, but as a search for understanding that goes against the grain of painterly convention, the work thwarts the usual expectations around that pleasure. Her free-wheeling painting pushes and pulls at the sheer joy of colour; not so much playing it as it lays, Smith lays colour into play. As Zero clearly shows, Gemma Smith is throwing everything she has at this game. And why not? Everything is at stake, but there is nothing to lose.”

Hardcover in acrylic slip case
176 Pages
216 × 264 mm
Edition: 20
Essays: Julie Ewington, Maika Pollack
Design: Mark Gowing at Formist Studio
Typeset in Formist Boulder Mono (coming soon)
ISBN: 978–0–9875268–8–5
2018 FE013X