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Tim Moore
Not my blotting tissues

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Beautiful, incidental readymades.

The rubbish bin is a dubious place to look for beauty, let alone art. Yet that’s where Tim Moore found these striking by-products of a painter’s practice – humble tissues with a touch of magic.

While working as an assistant to Del Kathryn Barton in 2009, Moore rescued and collected the tissues with which she blotted her watercolours. Why? Because he appreciated their unique aesthetic and saw the ordinary made extraordinary. Although torn and crumpled, these tissues are alive with surprisingly expressive blooms of colour.

Moore’s project may well be tongue in cheek, but this reframed refuse conveys a definite sense of painterly gesture and process. Not so much found art as salvaged art, the tissues read as everything from play and experimentation to intent and abstraction. A collection of random strokes of serendipity, Not My Blotting Tissues offers as much or as little meaning as one chooses to discern – something that’s not to be sneezed at.

Born in the United Kingdom, artist Tim Moore relocated to Australia in 2002. Over the past decade, he has taken inspiration from the comical and the absurd to create his pieces, for which he employs a variety of media, including drawing, embroidery, photography and neon. Moore has attracted a strong critical following, and his work has featured in numerous institutional exhibitions throughout Australia.

Paperback with folding dust jacket
96 Pages
215 x 270 mm
Editor: Mark Gowing
Design: Mark Gowing
ISBN: 978-0-9875268-3-0
2015 FE004